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04 May 2010

What I've been reading

I've decided to take a break from young adult books and have been reading some adult titles that I've been wanting to read lately.  I just finished LOVER MINE, J.R. Ward and was pleasantly surprised with this one.  I've been invested with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series for a few years.  I love the way the vampires are in this series and enjoy the slayers as well (aka Lessers).  These books are definitely not for the younger crowd and I would say that college age and older are perfect for these books.  My favorite character by far is Butch O' Neal (a former Boston cop) and every time he shows up in the books, I literally squee.  Yep, I'm nutsos:) Ward went back to the old school of the older books and really pulled out a winner with this one.  

The book I am currently reading now is another J. R. Ward book, COVET, A Novel of Fallen Angels.  It's a bit slower than the BDB books.  I'm about 200 pages in and hope that it will speed up a bit.  But I'm invested and will finish it.  I like that it takes place in the same world as BDB, Caldwell, NY and you definitely see some overlapping of the BDB characters.  Trez, who is a confidante of Rehvenge in BDB plays a significant role in this series.  Plus we see on the perimeter some Brothers.  I'd like to see where this story end.

SOME GIRLS BITE, Chloe Neill.  I've heard lovely things about this series and it's been highly recommended by fellow blogger, Carol(ina).  I originally tried to get this from the library, but there were so many holds on it!  So I bought it.  (ED. NOTE: All books have been purchased by me and I have not received any adult books for review.  If I review them here, it is of my own volition).  I really can't wait to dive into this one.  I'm excited.

The last book to read is the latest Mercy Thompson book, SILVER BORNE, Patricia Briggs.  I've been reading this series for a couple of years now and I'm pleasantly pleased with it.  It's not as erotic as the BDB books, but Mercy's relationship with the alpha male, Adam is nicely played out.  We're up to book 5 already!  I'm interested to see where she goes with this story and how this Coyote can tame the big bad wolf!   Plus the covers in this series are very cool.  Mercy is kick ass heroine! 

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