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07 May 2010

The Dark Divine, Bree Despain

The Dark Divine, Bree Despain

Reading Level:             Young Adult
Hardcover:                     372 pages
Publisher:                       EgmontUSA  12/22/09
Bookmarks:                   4

I went into this book not really knowing what it was about, which made it much more interesting to me.  I think when you don't read reviews or look too much into a book, you can really enjoy it!

Grace Divine is the daughter of the local pastor and the family has always been considered do-gooders.  But one fateful night, three years ago, something happened to Grace's older brother Jude and the family foster son, Daniel.  Soon after Daniel disappears and live continues on for the Divines.

But now, Daniel is back and he wants Grace.  Jude refuses to discuss what happened that night, and Daniel just manages to show up at the most convenient times.

I really enjoyed this story.  Like I said above, I went in not knowing what the plot was so I was surprised when it was finally revealed to me.  I will try to remain spoiler free.  There are a ton of paranormal books out there in the young adult genre, but I found this one to be different because of the spiritual aspect to it.  There were definite touches on certain stories in the Bible that haven't been used quite the same way.  

The dynamic between Grace and Daniel was pitch perfect.  Grace has always had a bit of a crush on him, but when he shows up to the school, looking emaciated and tortured, it just opens her heart even more.  Definite swoon-worthy material.  I definitely look forward to the sequel.

*This was a library copy that I borrowed.


  1. Thanks for this review. Will for sure be reading...

  2. I've heard nothing but great things about The Dark Divine. I really want to read it.

  3. I loved TDD too! Daniel is totally droolworthy too! Love the review :)


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