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05 March 2010

Scholastic Book Fair

Remember being a young kid in Elementary school and receiving the Scholastic Books form to order books and you'd either circle or you'd just list all the books you wanted and hoped beyond hope that mom and dad would agree to spend a fortune on books?  I always loved those flyers that we got monthly.  And we ordered some really decent books from there when I was a youngster--back in the dark ages.

Well, now it's my little one's turn to bring home the flyers and beg and plead to get us to buy her books.  And it's not like she doesn't have any books, we have a ton of books, and buying newer books for her is equally as fun!  Last night at her school was the Scholastic Book Fair.  I really wasn't sure what to expect.  What kind of books would they have, how many people would be there and what would Lily want??? Well she's been talking about this Taylor Swift book (can I just mention that these 'biographies' are just really poorly written and all the information is gathered from other sources??).

I browsed through the racks, elbowing when necessary, pulling to show Lily what was available and trying to persuade her to get some 'books' as opposed to the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana bio.  So we came away with:

It's Raining Cupcakes, Lisa Schroeder (Scholastic doesn't publish it, but they sold it!)

Purplicious, Victoria Kann, Elizabeth Kann

Pinkalicious, Victoria Kann, Elizabeth Kann

Llama Llama Mad at Momma, Anna Dewdney

Taylor Swift: Her Song, Riley Brooks


  1. sadly I don't have girls BUT I do know all of those & what lucky girl she is! I think she'll love them all :)

    I <3 Scholastic too & love how excited my son is every time he brings those forms home, circling what he wants - kinda like what I did at Christmas hehe.

  2. You mean you didn't buy a foot-long pointer? Or a poster of a puppy? Or a fluffy, frilly pencil?! Oh, how I love Scholastic Book Fairs. :) Glad you came away with some BOOKS!

  3. Hi Laura, just spotted you on bookblips-- the book fair caught my eye. I love book fairs-- My little one has a couple of the Llama books-- so cute! Actually, I request to read them more than he requests them. ;) Like your blog!


  4. Natalie, they had so much of that stuff, but we (me and daddy) managed to steer her away from those thankfully! She did come away with two bookmarks (although, I have a TON of bookmarks here!)

    Lesa, we have two (now) Llama Llama books and I got an advance copy of the newest Anna Dewdney (not Llama Llama) at ALAMW that was here in January.

  5. I loved the scholastic book fairs and catalogues. I remember buying a bunch of the science and craft kits from them when I was little. I don't have any kids so I dont know when local schools are having book fairs or else I would go for sure.

  6. I loved these as well. My cousin is in the 7th grade and when he brings home the orders I make sure to place a few for myself haha.


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