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31 March 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

So yesterday, whilst doing laundry, or rather, moving laundry from washer to dryer, I walked into a puddle of water.  And not just any puddle of water, but a flooded basement.  A flooded FINISHED basement.  Thankfully all my books are okay, but my stepson's room is not.  It's pretty much ruined.  Hubby was in New Jersey where he is during the week, and I was home panicking about the amount of water coming into the house.  Thankfully my neighbor just happened to be home yesterday and was kind enough to come over and help me out with the disaster.  In the pouring rain, he dug ditches to keep the water away from the foundation, but due to the soaking rains, the drainage system couldn't keep up with it, so the water seeped in through the foundation anyway.

Luckily hubby left NJ and came home yesterday to help with the mess, we need to pull up rugs, and hope that no mold grows anywhere.  I can't disinfect until the water stops coming in and it's still coming in.  Slower than it was yesterday, but we have to keep wet/vacuuming it up about every 10-15 minutes or the water goes right into my stepson's room. (He lost a couple a books that he had lying on the floor, but thankfully he said nothing that can't be replaced.)

For all of you also dealing with this horrible weather, I sympathize with the frustrations of what damage water can do.


  1. Wishing you well. We've had our fair share of flooding basement. I'm still recovering from the last one. I can't seem to think it's okay to put it all back together yet. :(

  2. Blagh. How miserable for you. I hope you don't get mold.


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