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11 February 2010

Gone, Lisa McMann

Reading level:       Young Adult
  • Hardcover:            214 pages
  • Publisher:              Simon Pulse, February 9, 2010
Bookmarks:          1

This book is pretty bare bones in style of writing, story, plot and theme.  Everything that has been in the first two books seems to have magically disappeared.  There is no real conflict.  I don't care for Janie as much as I did in the first two books.  In fact, I'm completely annoyed by her.  For someone who travels into dreams and sees the darkest part of human nature, you would think that she'd be strong enough to handle certain things.

Cabel.  He's mainly just a shell of himself.  He was a little too perfect in this installment.  That annoyed me.  Everything seemed to roll of his back.  This is the same person who liked Janie even when he was undercover and had to pretend to like someone else.   

It pained me to the point that I had to put the book down a few times, because I couldn't stand all the self-degradation that Janie was feeling for herself.  I really just wanted to slap her around and tell her to grow up and deal with things like adults do.  Adults don't run away or isolate themselves.  We pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and do what we have to to make it through another day.  I felt her pain was self-inflicted and she was the one who could control her destiny.  Not leave it to others to make that decision for her.

Introducing the stranger into her life was the wrong way to go with the last book in the series.   I don't think it wrapped anything up for us.  It didn't explore new avenues for Janie to look into.  We didn't get any insight into why she is a dream catcher.  Nothing was really tied up nicely and given to us on a platter.

I'm a huge fan of Lisa and this series, but this ending just disappointed me.  


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