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15 January 2010

Quickfire Contest!

I just came up with this idea.  I mean like literally JUST came up with it.

The UPS delivery man JUST dropped off a copy of BEFORE I FALL.  But I already have it and have reviewed it here.

So if your birthday is on February 12, 2010, you win the book.  If your birthday falls before or after and you're the first person to comment, you win the book.

Good luck!


  1. yes? O_O p.s. your blog just crashed my laptop

  2. March 1st here! ^_^

    (side note, my Captcha is "nutfun"...Just needed to share that)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. MARCH 22 HERE :(

    I want BIF so so much :(
    Please, b/c I'm from BR. Too far away.

  5. January 30th in the house. Though my baby's first birthday is on February 11th...awfully close to February 12th!

  6. Umm, well, my birthday is on Halloween if that counts for anything. =]

  7. February 14th here! Would love to win this book! Thank you!!!

  8. Mine is on August 2nd. I'm looking for a second copy for the tour site. A lot of people signed up for the tour but we only have one copy to go around.

  9. Fun and different idea.

    July 10th here.

  10. I'm not sure exactly how this works but...August 3rd!!!! :]

  11. Both my mum AND my grandmother were born on February 12th, but apparently I didn't want to continue the trend... I'm a December 5th baby LOL

  12. Heh. My birthday is June 19th. Oh well.

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