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03 December 2009

Picture Book Thursday (13)

Max's Chocolate Chicken, Rosemary Wells

From Goodreads:

How we love Max--the mischievous toddler rabbit who is often battling wits and wills with his bossy-boots older sister Ruby. Now it's time for the siblings' Easter egg hunt! Just as the festivities are about to begin, a secretive Easter Bunny places a huge chocolate chicken in the birdbath. "I love you," Max innocently declares to the edible chicken he covets. "Wait Max," warns Ruby. "First we must go on an egg hunt. If you find the most eggs then you get the chocolate chicken." But Max, who is still young enough to be distracted by mud puddles and marching ants, can't possibly focus on finding a single egg. When it becomes obvious that Ruby has collected the most (if not all) of the Easter eggs, Max takes drastic measures--as the youngest sibling often will--and steals the chicken. Rosemary Wells's expressive, giggle-funny illustrations (along with the board-book format) make this a perfect Easter story for toddlers as well as preschoolers, who will delight in Max's blatant misbehavior and relish the inevitable happy ending.

I found Max and Ruby via Nick Jr.   I loved how Max only said one word, but it was the one the word that Ruby needed to solve a problem.  I always found Max to be quite intelligent and Ruby to be very bossy and perhaps a bit dimwitted.  But these are young bunnies, so I give them a pass.

Lily absolutely adores this series, and specifically has this book in her library (aka, a messy closet with a ton of books strewn about!).  Max wants Ruby's chocolate chicken.  But the idea is whoever finds the most eggs (Easter egg hunt) will win the chocolate chicken.  But Max is too smart for that.  He just goes for the chocolate!  Luckily for us, the Easter bunny is forgiving and another chocolate chicken is left for Ruby.  A chocolate smeared Max is a sight to behold!


  1. Max & Ruby is a cute series I've watched with both my boys (though I often wonder where their aprents are, lol). We've yet to read a book but really should check them out!


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