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21 November 2009

What I'm reading and books I've received...

I'm still plugging away with Leviathan.  I haven't read much this week at all.  However, I did see New Moon at the Thursday premiere and again yesterday.  I absolutely LOVED it.  So much better than Twilight.  Taylor Lautner really surprised me.  He was excellent.  Although, I think I liked him a bit better before he cut his hair.  I absolutely loved how they handled the three months where Bella is pretty much catatonic.  For those of you who haven't seen it, I will not spoil it for you.  But they did a great job with it.  My only issue was the soundtrack, it seemed pretty non-existant!  There were glorious overtures and the like, but the actual music that is on the soundtrack was pretty weak.

Okay, now to the crux of the post.  Books I received this week!  I actually did pretty well this week.  Receiving all books from publishers.

From Penguin:

Betrayals: A Strange Angels Novel, Lili St. Crow
Classy: Be a Lady not a Tramp, Derek Blasberg
In the Courts of the Sun, Brian D'Amato

From Harper Collins (Canada):

Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver
Wayfarer, RJ Anderson
Life of Glass, Jillian Cantor
Tangled, Carolyn Mackler
The Girl with Mermaid Hair, Delia Ephron
Hourglass, Claudia Gray

I hope everyone had a great week and what were your thoughts on the New Moon movie? Thumbs up or down?


  1. Before I Fall has haunted me since I read it this summer. I can't wait for you to read it so we can discuss. Enjoy ALL those great books.

    I loved New Moon too! Much more than I anticipated. I didn't notice the soundtrack, but then again, the midnight show had its own soundtrack of whispers, giggles, gasps, and commentary, so there were points I couldn't even hear the dialogue.

  2. New Moon was definitely loads better than Twilight. And yes, I didn't really notice the soundtrack, unlike in Twilight (which had some awesome tracks in the soundtrack). I gotta say, though, Robert Pattinson really needs to improve his acting skills. :)

  3. Great book week for you! Hope you'll enjoy your books :)

    I haven't watched New Moon yet - going to do it on Tuesday though!

  4. Before I Fall was just amazing! If I see another post mentioning New Moon I'm gonna shoot myself in the foot.

  5. Great books this week!

    I loved New Moon too! Though I agree about the soundtrack. I think I liked the movie Jacob more than the book Jacob, though!

  6. Great list. Congrats on all your books. I haven't seen the movie so I can't say! :-)

  7. Hourglass for you too! :( I'd love to read it!

    I just watched New Moon tonight! It was great. I much preferred Jacob with the hair cut and shirtless.... ;) And raining was good too. :)

    I'd love to see it again but that probably won't happen.

  8. Loved New Moon. LOVED IT! I did a full review on my blog...but I will say I am a die hard Edward fan. He's just my type. Taylor did well at the part, but I am not a Jacob fan.

    And if you read Midnight Sun, you understand Rob Pattinson's acting of the part of Edward better. I think he does really well.

    Great haul this week! I am waiting on a bunch of books, but didn't get any this week. Sigh.


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