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11 November 2009

Fallen, Lauren Kate

Fallen, Lauren Kate; Delacorte Press, December 8, 2009.  (4 Bookmarks)

Ooh, how to review a book that is so difficult to review because I'm not giving anything away.  Well apart from the name of the book.  Which kinda gives you an idea as to what this book is about.  But first, let's discuss the cover:

This cover is NOT indicative of the book.  The main character Luce is not like this girl on the cover.  Yes, it is a gorgeous cover, but almost a WTF cover too.  But enough about that.  Let's get to the story.

Luce Price is 17 years old and has been sent away to Sword & Cross school because of a suspicious death that she may or may not have been responsible for.  Luce's first day of school is of course jam packed with meeting people and just in general trying to keep her head down and do her time.  But how is that possible, when a crazy girl sets her sights on her and wants to take her under her wing?  What about the gorgeous guy with the dark hair and green green eyes, who lights up a room that she's in.  Or the tall gorgeous blonde who smiles at her, but then flips her off!

As Luce gets deeper and deeper into Sword and Cross, things are not what they seem, people are not who they say they are and shadows seem to follow Luce as she navigates the teeming waters of the school.

Some of the information is thrown at you right up front, but then, the author pulls back and holds off on other information.  I liked Luce and Cam and Daniel and Arriane and Penn.  I found all of these characters to be believable.  It's a long book and does drag a bit in the middle, but you get through it and then the last 1/3 of the books just moves at lightening-fast pace.  I found myself literally sitting on the edge of my couch trying to soak it all in.  I'm very excited to see where the author goes with this story.  I'm excited to see if she follows through with her plot (which I will not give away) and delve into what she has started.  I really, really enjoyed this book.  The next book in the series is Torment and will be out in September, 2010.

I hope that people enjoy this story as much as I did.


  1. What a vague review. You didnt give not even a tiny little piece away. Great review, and I love the cover too!!!

  2. Great review. I'm glad that you enjoyed this book. I want to read it!!

  3. I'm looking forward to this one!

    I am noticing a lot of gorgeous covers have nothing to do with the content of the book. My example would be The Dark Divine. WTF? Purple scarf covered pale legs....not mentioned in the book. :(


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