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03 August 2009

Prophecy of the Sisters, Michelle Zink

Amelia (Lia) and Alice Milthorpe have become orphans with the death of their father. And so opens the book Prophecy of the Sisters. Soon after the death, Lia notices a mark on her wrist that surprises her and she goes in search to find out what is going on. What she finds is a prophecy that has been in her family and may have been the reason why both her mother and father are now dead. Lia goes searching for answers and discovers that she has an enemy right in her own family. Her identical twin sister, Alice. With wonderful twists and turns and a budding romance, Lia must race against time to find out all the information she needs to stop Alice from wreaking havoc on the world. I read "Prophecy..." back in November of last year, so I've been holding this review close to the chest because I really didn't know how to review it. But let me tell you I savored this book. Michelle Zink weaves a story so finely woven and leaves one begging for the sequel (and I have TWO years to wait!). One would never think that identical twins could be so different, yet so alike in certain ways, but Alice is pure evil. I found myself crediting Michelle for writing such an elaborate tale and wondering where'd she get the nugget from. Because it seems so labyrinthine. Her writing is tight and her story progresses to a watery climax that will have people up in arms and screaming for more. Her labor of love comes out in this book. I am looking forward to more Lia, Sonia and Luisa. Plus, now that Lia embarks on a journey that brings her answers what does it hold for her relationship with her beau, James? All which I hope will be addressed in the second novel. Michelle's debut novel has everything that teenage girls and adults will love: Twins, hatred, murder, love and above all, great friendship. Some may compare it to Libba Bray's "Gemma Doyle" series, and while there are some similarities, this book holds its own. 4 Bookmarks


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