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19 August 2009

My contest isn't going so well...

And I thought that by giving away a copy of "Blood Promise" would really ignite the masses. I'm at a loss as to why more people aren't commenting. Is there something else you'd like to see on my blog? I'm trying to get some author interviews underway, but I really suck at them. Would a guest blog by an author be something you'd be interested in? Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS: OPEN TO ALL ASIAN COUNTRIES!!!!!


  1. I'm relatively new so sadly I don't have any advice.

    But I will say this:
    I like your blog :)
    I entered :)

  2. Oh no! Well the reason I didn't enter was because I hadn't heard about it. I'll be sure to today, after I've gotten some rest. It is a great contest. I'll try and do a post on my blog about it this week. See if that helps throw some people your way. :D

    And honey your blog is fine. lol. Nothing wrong with it. The guest blogs would be cool, though.

    Cheer up and have a good day! Thats an order. :P

    ~Briana :)

  3. You still have plenty of time for people to enter. Don't worry, it is a great contest. The word just has to spread a little bit more.

    Love your blog btw.

  4. I didn't enter because I'm from Asia. :) But it's a great contest, I'm sure it's just because they're still not aware of it. :)

  5. I like your site. I didn't originally enter because I haven't read the previous books. I like you blog I wouldn't worry - this week has seems to be chaotic forever one.

  6. I've been meaning to enter, but I’ll go do so ASAP. And, Laura, don't worry about it, most of the time the majority of entries for my contests come in last minute.

  7. I entered.

    And youre doing great. If you can get some guest blogs or tours that would be cool but dont stress over it. Ive noticed a lot of entries seem to come in the last couple of days.

  8. I didn't enter the giveaway simply because I already onw a copy of Blood Promise =)

  9. Is there something else you'd like to see on my blog?

    More reviews and some memes. I think that contests only get you so far. People keep coming back for other content.

    P.S. are you ok?

  10. I haven't read the rest of the series, so I won't be entering, but I am most definitely going to post a link to the contest on my blog to get the word out ASAP!!!

  11. I don't understand why you don't have much's such a GREAT contest! And it's open internationally - a big plus there!
    I haven't entered until now, 'cause I didn't heard about your contest until just recently. But now I've entered, and I'm hoping to win! ;)
    I read your recent blog posts, and I really liked what I read, so I'm now a follower!
    Good luck with your contest and keep on blogging, you're doing a great job and I'm sure more people will notice it!


  12. Chica, have u promoted your contest? Join some social networks like this one:
    or, join some groups and start promoting, I get a lot of different people that would never hear about my contests by doing that. But again if you don't get a big response, don't worry, your blog is cool, no need to freak about it, just make your current followers happen and everything else will fall in place :) hey, I love your blog...


  13. Oops I meant happy* not happen* typo sowwie :P


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