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08 May 2009


I'm currently NOT reading Shadowed Summer because a book that I've been waiting a year for came out. However, the print is size 10 font, and over 500 pages. I'm struggling. I've bought a magnifying glass, to return it for reading glasses. Returned those because they were scratched, then bought ANOTHER pair, but they were too strong and giving me a headache. Returned those, to get another pair that were also scratched. So after returning my 4th pair, I have another pair that I will most likely return because they weren't the ones I wanted. AND they constantly seem foggy! I didn't realize trying to read was quite a chore lately! NOT HAPPY with this publisher for the small font!


  1. that's annoying! I hate small fonts... the book goes by so much slower. I like to think I'm reading fast ;)
    What book is it?

  2. Ah, it's J.R. Ward's, Lover Avenged. TAKING ME FOREVER TO READ!

  3. I hate books like that. Last year I tried to read War & Peace to annoy this girl at school and I couldn't get past book two because the font was pretty much size 8 and there were over 1000 pages. It was a good story but it was too small. Hmmm...maybe I need a different edition.

    Good luck with your book!

  4. Man, I know how you feel. I've noticed recently that a.) I can't read the letters on my tv on the listing channel without squinting like crazy and hurting my head and b.) I'm holding books closer and closer to my face to read them.

    Eye doctor time soon, methinks :P


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