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24 April 2009

Working on Header today

EDIT: Hubby has figured it out and it should be centered on firefox. IE is doing weird things to my whole blog, so STOP using it! (just kidding!):p You'll notice I have a new gorgeous header. I need to thank three people for this. Senfaye for finding me the gorgeous picture! Reverie for creating the actual header and my husband Bill for figuring it out how to make it fit nicely in the header portion of my blog! Please tell me what you think of my new header. I'm very excited for it. Also, I want to show you another one that Senfaye made for me last night as well. I, too, love it! This is me and Lily reading picture books!


  1. It looks really nice ^^ I think a floral skin will march it more.

  2. It looks really classic! Just a question: it appears to be at the left side on my blog. Is that how it's supposed to look?

  3. I like it, too! It's centered on my screen - I'm using Firefox on a Macbook.

  4. Prettyy. But I agree with Thao: it doesn't quite match (clashes a little, actually) with the rest of your layout. Perhaps a new layout, new colors?

    But wow, you're lucky to have such kind and talented friends!!

  5. took to long to get it just right, i love it, it's staying:)

  6. looks great! It was a weird size before for me, but now it's perfect :)

  7. a yellow background would look really cute with it I think.. just saying :)

  8. I love it! Vania told me she had finished it earlier; just now got a chance to stop by and see it.

  9. Thank you so much! My husband really was the one who managed to get it into the header just perfectly. Reverie created it, Senfaye found that absolutely gorgeous picture and hubby did some tweaking.

    I showered:)

  10. Both headers are great. I wish I was that creative.

  11. You got two awards! Go check out my blog!

  12. I love the header!


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