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23 April 2009

Let's Do Something Fun Today

Jeannine Garsee has graciously said she'd answer all questions you have. So all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments area and she'll answer them. In case you haven't heard, Jeannine Garsee is the author of Before, After and Somebody in Between and Say the Word, just released March 17, 2009. I hope you can come to the party!


  1. Oh! Oh! Me! Me!

    What's your favorite food to snack on while you're writing?

    *not a freak*

  2. Hi, Michelle! I looove to snack on candy when I write, preferably Jelly Bellies (except for the popcorn flavored...ew, ew, ewww!!!) because they won't drop crumbs into my keyboard. And I drink gallons of coffee. :)

  3. Jen, I thought you were a twizzler fan?

  4. What is the hardest thing you have had to write about?

    Also, if you can do anything else in the world other than write would you ? and what would it be?

  5. Mmmmmm! CANDY!


    I am the worst about crumbs. And greasy fingers.

    Ick. My keyboard is contaminated.

  6. michelle- you should see me this week. I a littered with junk and yummy crumbs littering the floor. darn finals.

  7. who is the first person you share a new idea or new writing with?

  8. I love Twizzlers but when I eat something small like Jelly Bellies I think I'm not consuming as many calories (lie, lie, lie). Plus you can toss them at the passersby and then glance around innocently.


  9. Reverie, I think the hardest scene I had to write was when Martha in Before/After got hit with a belt. Not that it gave me flashbacks, lol, but yeah, it happened to me and I found it difficult to go back there (isn't THAT a cheerful thought for a sunny day???)

    Aside from that, the hardest thing I had to write was my biography for my publisher, b/c I really didn't have one! ;)

  10. Erika, the first person I share a new idea with is my daughter, Beth, and then I also run it past a very trusted writing buddy.

    (BTW, I want to add that "Shawna" in SAY THE WORD started out as an "Erika"--I love your name!)

  11. Reverie, for the second part of your question, the truth is there is nothing else I would like to do. If I had the talent I'd like to be in the performing arts some way, but no chance of that, lol. Realistically, I'd like to work with animals, maybe.

  12. I'm popping out for a few hours. I'll check back in tonight to answer any more questions. Thanks!!

  13. How do you get yourself out of cases of writer's block?
    Or maybe you are lucky and never have them? :)

  14. Alea, I AM lucky because I don't have a problem with that. Sometimes I don't "feel" like writing, but usually that's because I just need a short break. It never lasts long. :)

    What I hear from other writers, though, when they do get writers block, they find it helps to switch to a different project.


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