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20 April 2009


I am amazed that I've managed to post EVERYDAY this month so far. Even if I've had nothing to say, I've posted drivel! And you guys are so great for following me and listening to my drivel! However, I have a question to pose to you readers of young adult novel out there: There are a few young adult authors that are very popular writers nowadays, however, they're books might be middling at best. Without naming names, are there any bestselling authors out there that you've read and kinda said, "meh?". Also, as I review books I'm seeing a trend in them (mom has disappeared, girl looking for answers, two guys vie for her affection [and of course one guy is NOT to be trusted], everyone gets their HEA (happily ever after).) I wonder if agents, publishers, editors, kinda understand that when a trend takes off, it's across the board. I'm leaving paranormal out this equation. I've read LOTS of bestselling authors, award winning authors and always wondered: how? why? and ugh? Because this author is dead and he is a classic author, I'll name him: Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited, loved the book until the last few chapters where I screamed, pulled my hair out of my head and while screaming why!, threw it across the room into a wall. (Yes, I really did all of that!) Same with Wuthering Heights, I know that Emily Bronte is a fan favorite and there are discussions after discussions about her book, but honestly, I hated it. Absolutely no redeeming qualities in any of those characters. Cathy Earnshaw is spoiled, self-involved and cares only about herself. Heathcliff is just pure evil. I think of the two of them and wonder why people find them to be two of the greatest love story? I mean just ick! I have a few young adult authors that are out there now and I feel the same way. Writing is middling at best. Doesn't bring anything new to industry, rehashes old themes over and over again. Like a baseball player that has one great season and then the second season can't seem to hit the ball or catch a fly-out. So tell me have there been any authors out there current or past, that you just sit there and wonder what the hoopla is all about?


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