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Back To Good

by Laura McCarthy Benson

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14 March 2009

This Is What I Want To Tell You, Heather Duffy Stone

Tells the story of Fraternal twins, Noelle and Nadio Carter. Each chapter alternates between the two voices. Noelle's best friend Keeley, has always been there for her. They were two peas in a pod. Never could you separate the two. Then Keeley goes away to England for a summer and Noelle's world is turned upside down. She doesn't have a friend to talk to, she gets involved with the 'bad' girl from school. She meets and falls for an older guy who seem fairly superficial. Noelle is deep, she sees her surrounding and watches what is going on around. Nadio always seems to write his missing dad in his mind. He composes eloquent letters but never seems to put them down on paper. He is breaking out of the kid mode and realizing that he is the man of the house and feels compelled to protect his mother and sister. But at times he doesn't understand the role and runs to get away from the heat. He feels free when he runs. It is during one of these runs, that he sees Keeley after her trip abroad. Although, he's always associated Keeley with Noelle, this is different. She seems more separate. I liked the tone and pace of this story. At times I found myself really liking Nadio's story better than Noelle's. She was angry and at times you don't understand why. She avoids her best friend, her family, to hang out with and older guy (he's 19). But she wants and needs more. There is a quiet, seething, anger boiling inside of her. I liked watching Nadio's and Keeley's relationship grow, although she has a secret hanging over head, and Nadio realizes something is wrong. They are deliberate in the way they handle their relationship. I recommend this book to all teens because I really do think they'll identify with the feelings that run through the book. 3 Bookmarks.


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