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Back To Good

by Laura McCarthy Benson

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27 March 2009

Something I URGE all of you to check out!

The Talented and beautiful, Michelle Zink, just happens to have a talented and very handsome son, Kenneth Zink:) Who is scoring the music for the book, "Prophecy of the Sisters". YOU MUST go listen to his compositions. They are eerie, haunting and just absolutely brilliant! So far he has three original compositions up and they are just amazing. And just so you know, HE IS playing the piano in all three pieces! You can find him here: Please leave a comment for him telling him how much you love the music. EDITED: I'M CHECKING EVERY SO OFTEN TO SEE IF ANY OF MY PEEPS HAVE GONE OVER TO SHARE THE LOVE WITH KENNETH. IF YOU LEAVE A MESSAGE, A LUCKY PERSON JUST MAY WIN A COPY OF PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS!!! (NOT THE SWAG BAG, JUST THE BOOK) Laura


  1. OMG, isn't it beautiful!!!! sigh.... i kept listening to it over and over again.

  2. hahahah glad you found me!!! =D YAY more friends!

  3. Laura! You are so sweet to post this for Kenneth!

    He's going to be so happy when he sees it...

  4. Thank you so much Laura! You're so nice! I really appreciate any traffic you can drive to my myspace. Thanks again! Btw, I love your blogs. Their funny and interesting!

    -Kenneth Zink

  5. I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE his music! It is beautiful!!!!
    -Senfaye :D

  6. Thanks so much for the contest for the Prophecy of the Sisters ARC! That's such a nice thing to do, I really appreciate it. Now, lets see who comments me! lol.


  7. I looove the music for the prophecy! They're great and seem to fit the prophecy perfectly!!! I love your blogs to, gives me something to think about, but they're funny as well :)


  8. I will definitely listen to it when I'm on my computer later-it sounds like a really cool idea :) and I love that book's look, too.


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