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27 March 2009

In my Mailbox (3)

Memefied by Story Siren and brain child of Alea March 23-27, 2009 It's been a slow few weeks for me, but this week yielded some awesome books. From Brooke: Ink Exchange (ARC, I sent her a year ago!), Melissa Marr Leftovers, Laura Wiess From Paperbackswap The Tenth Man, Graham Greene The Quiet American, Graham Green From Penguin Peace, Love and Baby Ducks, Lauren Myracle The Chronicle of Vladmir Tod: Tenth Grade Bleeds, Heather Brewer Tales of the Underground, John Barnes Along for the Ride, Sarah Dessen Strange Angels, Lili St. Crow Chasing the Bear: A Young Spenser Novel, Robert B. Parker Waiting for you, Susane Colasanti Lipstick Apology, Jennifer Jabaley Unclaimed Heart, Kim Wilkins Academy 7, Anne Osterlund Peace love and baby ducks is my second (which is good because they're PROMISED!) Along for the ride is my second Lipstick Apology is my THIRD! I would picspam you, but honestly, it would take forever for me to post all these pics!


  1. I want ALL your penguin books. Sweet stash!!! can't wait for lipstick apology and strange angels. they look sooo good!

  2. Not a slow week at all! Anyone claim your second copy of Along for the Ride yet?? :)

  3. I want Along For the Ride and Peace Love and Baby Ducks sooooo bad! Happy Reading!

  4. Along For the Ride?!?!?! That's awesome and I'm insanely jealous. ;)

  5. "Along for the ride is my second"

    ....this is me silently fuming...:)

  6. Sounds like you had a good week!

  7. Nice! I wanna read Along for the Ride :)

  8. How do you get all of those books from Penguin??

  9. I am so jealous. All your books look amazing and I have been trying to get a copy of Along for the Ride for so long.

  10. Yeay!! what an awesome week. Strange Angels and Lipstick apology are in my TBR stash and I really need to get to them soon. I hope you enjoy them and cannot wait to see what you think about them. :)

  11. extra copy of lipstick apology claimed yet?

  12. Me love the layout! Tons of books for you this week! Can't wait to see what you think of them all.

    You finished Hunted yet..?

  13. Wow, really great stuff this week!

    And Penguin sent you a lot ;)

  14. UGH, I still haven't finished Hunted... Friend came over yesterday and wine was imbued... so NO reading. Did SOME today, but got tired and napped or tried to nap.

    WILL finish tonight! I promise!

  15. I need to borrow Along for the Ride!!!!!!!! Also, Waiting for You. Read soon and let me know how they are!

  16. OMG do you want your extra copies of Along for the Ride and Lipstick Apology (seriously)? If know my email! (:


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