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by Laura McCarthy Benson

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29 March 2009

Hunted, P.C. and Kristin Cast

I could post the back teaser of the book here, but I won't. I could say this book was amazing, but I can't. Basically what we have in this book is a lot of drivel, annoying teen speak (WTF and my BFF is so not my BFF anymore! Hello?). ARGH! It took me forever to read this book, because it was SO annoyingly bad. Zoey again proves herself to be the hoe-ist of ho's (her words, not mine). If there was a story here, I completely missed it. Oh, right, Kalona (Yawn, "I'm gorgeous and you want me") Zoey ("I will not succumb, but DAMN is he hot or what? Hello!"), Aphrodite ("Stay away from my man, Twins!") she wussed out bigtime. Damien or Darius? THE AUTHORS COULDN'T KEEP THEM STRAIGHT EITHER! Zoey (I have so many boys, but do I or don't I have sex with Erik, but I'm attracted to Heath (he's my human) and now there is Stark who is a red fledgling. Who she can't seem to keep her lips away from. Just ARGH, ARGH, ARGH! If this review is confusing, heh, THAT's what I had to deal with! The world is ending and all Zoey can think about is who can she kiss during time of war! The writing was terrible, the dialogue is cringeworthy and the editing was sucktastic. The editor of this book should be ashamed to let such junk leave their desk. I don't live in Tulsa, so I haven't a clue about Doppler 8 or what if I didn't know who Christian from Project Runway was (I do and yeah, he was fierce!), but the pop culture references were annoying. If my teen daughter turned to me actually said the letters, W.T.F., I'd kill her. I'm around teens quite a bit, and they DO NOT talk that way. Probably even in Tulsa! Skip it. Better yet, burn it. It really doesn't deserve a bookmark, it was that bad.


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