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29 March 2009

Hunted, P.C. and Kristin Cast

I could post the back teaser of the book here, but I won't. I could say this book was amazing, but I can't. Basically what we have in this book is a lot of drivel, annoying teen speak (WTF and my BFF is so not my BFF anymore! Hello?). ARGH! It took me forever to read this book, because it was SO annoyingly bad. Zoey again proves herself to be the hoe-ist of ho's (her words, not mine). If there was a story here, I completely missed it. Oh, right, Kalona (Yawn, "I'm gorgeous and you want me") Zoey ("I will not succumb, but DAMN is he hot or what? Hello!"), Aphrodite ("Stay away from my man, Twins!") she wussed out bigtime. Damien or Darius? THE AUTHORS COULDN'T KEEP THEM STRAIGHT EITHER! Zoey (I have so many boys, but do I or don't I have sex with Erik, but I'm attracted to Heath (he's my human) and now there is Stark who is a red fledgling. Who she can't seem to keep her lips away from. Just ARGH, ARGH, ARGH! If this review is confusing, heh, THAT's what I had to deal with! The world is ending and all Zoey can think about is who can she kiss during time of war! The writing was terrible, the dialogue is cringeworthy and the editing was sucktastic. The editor of this book should be ashamed to let such junk leave their desk. I don't live in Tulsa, so I haven't a clue about Doppler 8 or what if I didn't know who Christian from Project Runway was (I do and yeah, he was fierce!), but the pop culture references were annoying. If my teen daughter turned to me actually said the letters, W.T.F., I'd kill her. I'm around teens quite a bit, and they DO NOT talk that way. Probably even in Tulsa! Skip it. Better yet, burn it. It really doesn't deserve a bookmark, it was that bad.


  1. coughcough I told you soooo :) and yeah, you do hang around teens a lot xD

    good review--I saw your train of thought, your motive, and definitely heard what you wanted to say. Nice fire and passion behind by the way.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I might not want tot read the series anymore!

  3. I don't want to read it anymore :/

  4. I so agree with you. I'm only on the third one, but I'm really slogging through them. (I'm listening to the audiobooks though, the narrator is good at giving distinguishing voices, but the production really needs to chop out her swallowing/breathing).

    But anyway, I've found the characters unlikable, the teen speak forced and annoying, and the books completely lacking of any plot what-so-ever! Seriously, I'm almost 3 hours into the 3rd book and it's all just about Zoey's angst over her birthday presents! Plus, she has so many boys...and yet, I'm not really rooting for any of them.

    I was really surprised a few months ago when the film rights for the first book were snatched up after Twilight's success. It just doesn't make sense to me. I don't really think it will translate well on screen. If they wanted to capture the success of Twilight with another YA vampire book, why not pick something actually good? Like, VAMPIRE ACADEMY (I adored all three books. Interesting & complex characters, great writing, juicy conflict, and oh yes, an actual plot!)

    I think maybe I won't finish the audiobooks now. I was really hoping they would get better. I mean, a lot of people seem to like them, right?

  5. Shana, I ADORE the Vampire Academy series. Richelle has done such a great job with them. But this series is just aggravatingly bad!

    I'm sorry if I've upset anyone with this review. But I must stick to my guns!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love it when book reviewers are honest and say what they think. If someone gets upset...o well. That was how you felt so that is what you write.

    I agree with you on the whole Zoey/hoe thing. Make up your mind already!

  8. I've read the entire series and I could not agree more about this latest addition. Bleck.

    It felt like a rush job on the latest in a series that has gained a decent amount of popularity over the past year or so. The publisher push is no more obvious than in the new hardback addition. All previous parts of the series were straight to paperback. Mmm hmm... just looking for some quality residuals, not quality itself.

    During the first two books, I could look past the egregious pop culture references and the the annoyingly cliched characters, but as Zoe grew sluttier and the characters all failed to ever evolve, my enthusiasm began to wain as well.

    I was highly disappointed in the writing, the lack of plot (I mean it takes over 200 pages before ANYTHING happens and even then, it's less than a sneeze), the editing (damien, darius...same diff, right), and the teenage pandering. Barf.

    I'm with you. Major suckage. And THANK YOU for your honesty. It's refreshing!

  9. ouch. was this the bad review you referred to on twitter? :-)

  10. haha... yeah I was going to read this series, but I ended up not for some reason.
    It doesn't really sound that appealing of a storyline anyway..


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