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13 February 2009

Vampire Academy Discussion

We first meet Lissa and Rose, they are on the run from the school. Rose is becoming a bit addicted to Lissa feeding off of her. The high turns her on. At first, when I read this I thought that maybe there was some girl on girl action going on (well as much as there can be for a YA novel!); But then they're brought back to the St. Vladimir Academy by the alluring Dimitri and his gang. Rose has known from the beginning that her life would be to guard the Princess, Lissa. But she doesn't really know at what cost to her. Therein lies the story. What I love about Rose is everything I dislike about Lissa. Rose is strong, spunky and smart. Lissa, granted a princess, is weak, afraid to break rules (unless it includes Christian). Rose's punishment for taking Lissa out of the Academy is to join training program that will make her to be the best Guardian that Lissa could have. But what Rose doesn't realize is that she will fall for her trainer, Dimitri Belikov. The relationship between Dimitri and Rose is anything but love and roses. He beats her and forces her to realize that outside of guardianship there IS no outside. Her life is to protect the Princess and that is all there is. No life outside of that. However, Rose has other plans for that. I like how Rose can get trapped into Lissa's body (or her mind), it creates a closeness for the both of them, but Rose also gets pulled into Lissa during not the most opportunistic times, too. All Rose knows is that she must protect Lissa to the ends of the earth. What are your thoughts on the first book? Do you think Rose gets a raw deal out of her heritage because her only focus in life is to protect Lissa? She's not allowed to have a life for herself. Does her feelings for Dimitri overtake her to the point that she puts Lissa in danger.?


  1. Of course Rose's feelings for Dmitri put Lissa in more danger. As well as herself, and Dmitri! The time it would take her to figure out WHO to save when in trouble (although I don't see how Dmitri would need help, not at this point in the story anyway) the Strigoi could have already killer her or taken Lissa. It's all about timing in an attack!

    I'm with you on LOVING Rose, and just being MEH about Lissa. I do think that Lissa being able to heal people is very interesting, and adding Christian as a love interest at least made her seem a little bit edgy!

    I love this series, I could probably go on forever, which I think we have through messages before. haha :D

  2. Does rose like marcus?

  3. Does rose like marcus?

  4. Do you mean Mason? Also do you know how many more books Richelle Mead is going to bring out in this series?


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