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15 February 2009


I'm currently reading "Lipstick Apology" and there is a GLARING continuity error. Should I contact the author or the publisher? (There are a bunch of them) But I wonder if they'll catch them in the revision process of the ARC? Just your thoughts?


  1. Tough call, I can't stand that. I just sit and wonder who didn't do there job ya know?

  2. I'd notify both, actually.
    And where oh where did you get a copy, lucky duck?

  3. I guess maybe the publisher? Hopefully that's something that is being revised before the final print run. But usually it seems it's only spelling mistakes left in ARCs. I had continuity errors!

  4. Notifying both would be a good idea.

  5. I'll e-mail Jennifer tomorrow and Razorbill as well.

    Bookworm, I rec'd two copies in the mail, but I've already promised them away:(

    Razorbill seems to be my biggest supplier of ARCs, so that's why I have so many!

  6. You definitely need to tell us what you find out! I love anything related to how the publishing world works!

  7. Wow, I hadn't started reading it yet. I am sure both Jennifer and the publisher will be thankful for your notification.

  8. I'm late on the discussion, but I'd email both. I had issues w/an ARC once and the author was so thankful for my eyes, even though the mistakes had already been corrected. Let us know what they say.

  9. Laura you lucky devil. I would love to get arcs from razorbill!

  10. I contacted the author and she didn't know if that was caught, but she was going to back thru her notes and and see if they caught it.

    I just don't see 17 year olds hitting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in their Jammies! :)

  11. HAHAHA!That's what it was? OMG I love it!

  12. Ohh I really wanted to read this books. Oh yeah, I'm glad you emailed the author about the problem,it's only helping them better the finished copy. =)


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