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29 January 2009

What My Mother Doesn't Know/ What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know, Sonya Sones

I adored these two books. Both of these are told in verse and the style makes them a very quick and engaging read. The first one, "What My Mother Doesn't Know" is told by Sophie, a typical 14 nearly 15 year old, who has to deal with boyfriends, two best girlfriends and being Jewish in a primarily Christian community. Sophie's home life is difficult at best. Her mom is a depressed housewife whose life is watching horrible soap operas and chain smoking cigarettes. Her father travels--a lot. School life at Cambridge High has your typical jock lot and nerd lot. Sophie feels sorry for the kid known only as Murphy. A kid whose last name is used derogatorily. You're such a Murphy. With subtlety and humor, Ms. Sones, takes us through the many emotions that sophie goes through while dating and breaking up and finally finding the one person who makes her feel really special. I loved that the stories take place in Cambridge, MA and Ms. Sones mentions some very historic landmarks in the Boston area. But when she mentions Pearl in Central Square, I was hooked. This is the best place for any artist to get their wares. Girlfriend tells us Robin's side of the story. Robin is Sophie's boyfriend. Robin is also Murphy. Finally getting the girl of his dreams should make Robin's life all better, but it doesn't because with his dating Sophie, her social status takes a nose dive and she loses her two best girlfriends. Robin loves that he has Sophie all to himself, but he knows that she is suffering in silent. With wit and humor, and some bits of self-degradation, Robin grows and realizes that the people who have always made fun of him, are just shallow people who don't realize that there is a life out there. When Robin is accepted to audit an art class at Harvard University, his world opens up. He meets people who treat him as an equal and don't realize that his name has been synonymous with jerk. Through ups and downs and happiness and sadness, Robin's story is heartfelt. He and Sophie understand each other and help each other through some trying times, but his breaking through the cocoon may also threaten his relationship as well. Both stories get a 5 bookmarks and I highly encourage everyone to pick up these books and be prepared to fall for these characters.


  1. Sound cool. I'd love to read both. Cute covers as well ^^

  2. I have the first one and always wondered if they were tied together. The second cover isn't working for me, since it's about the guy it should be him with his face towards us, not the girl. It looks like the story is from her perspective!

  3. I've read the first one and enjoyed it, but not as much as I did One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies. However, I might eventually pick up Girlfriend, thanks to your synopsis!

  4. After reading Lisa Schroeder's book, I heart you, You haunt me, I'm more open to books in verse, at first I wasn't sure. These sound great though, and have been on my amazon wish list for awhile lol.

  5. I read ALLLLLLLLL of her stories. I didnt really enjoy the one about her sister going crazy. we never found out what happend.. but the rest of the books. A++++++++


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