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15 January 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I've never read Meg Cabot or Sarah Dessen. The Princess stories never really interested me and I really never knew enough of Sarah Dessen, although I followed her blog for a while. And I know she has a beautiful daughter, Clementine. So as my readers of this blog, recommend a Meg Cabot Book AND a Sarah Dessen book that you think I will enjoy. I'll read it, and if I love it, perhaps a prize will be given out! It will go to the FIRST person who recommended the book. Hmmm... this should be fun!


  1. I'm a huge fan of Sarah Dessen's and recommend her books all the time. My all time favorite is THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER. It touched me, it made me cry and I didn't want the story to be over.

    debbi michiko florence
    livejournal user name- d-michiko-f

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Boy Meets Girl and Lock and Key (Though the Truth about Forever is really my fave)

  4. You know I JUST gave away Truth about Forever on silly me!

  5. I really like Sarah Dessen's JUST LISTEN. It's somewhat understated, but I love the quirky character elements and the fact that it moves out of the high school/home settings that make up so much contemporary YA.

    Mary Pleiss

  6. Meg Cabot: The Queen of Babble

    Sarah Dessen: Since everyone already said The Truth About Forever, I'll say Someone Like You. I read it and loved it. Also hear that This Lullaby is really good!

  7. It's actually just Queen of Babble. Sorry!

  8. I wondered why you never read any Sarah favorite of hers is Keeping the Moon! Although they're all pretty great!!
    The only Meg Cabot I've read was Avalon High...which was ok. I'd like to read more of hers, eventually.

  9. I thought Sarah Dessen's Dreamland was good, but super depressing. lol

  10. Just Listen (Sarah Dessen) and How To Be Popular (Meg Cabot). *gasp* I can't believe you haven't read anything by them *tsk tsk tsk* (just kidding) lol XD

  11. The Truth About Forever is really awesome. But someone already recommended that one so yeah, I'll go with This Lullaby. I've not read many Meg Cabot books but Pants On Fire made a good impression on me. It's fun and meaningful.

  12. That Summer By Sarah Dessen and Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot. Both really good books.



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