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22 January 2009

I've been quiet

Only because I've been sick and fluish and just not able to stay on computer for long periods of time. For those of you awaiting books, I FINALLY sent them out yesterday. So sorry for the delay, but head cold and bad sinuses just wasn't allowing me to run to post office. I've been reading thru the recommendations for the Sarah Dessen and Meg Cabot books. I still haven't decided which one yet. But just so you know I'm leaning toward Just Listen and Size 12 isn't Fat. Still debating. Anyone else on the blog been sick and would like to rant about it? I'm all ears... Also, I'm still reading Faery Rebels. Headache does NOT allow me to read, so my review of that will be coming soon. My next contest will be A Match Made in High School! Kristin Walker and I will come up with a cool contest and hopefully a SIGNED copy of the book! (I read the book back in October and STILL need to review it, but I need to REREAD it! I did LOVE it! and Kristin has a character in the book who is APTLY named and I remarked to her about it and she didn't even put 2+2 together when she wrote the book!) Okay that's what's going on the Laura front (plus 5 year old issues including poop that you really don't want to know about!) :)


  1. I just wondered today: Where has Laura been?

    Sorry to hear that you are not well. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Ah, I hope you start feeling better. I started the new year off being sick. I can't read when I'm sick. It's like my brain goes in to this vegetative state and all I can do is watch tv. Mostly reality tv. haha

  3. Eat lots of Jell-O and feel better soon!

  4. Ah, flu and poop. All you need is vomit and you have the trifecta!

    Hope you're on the mend. :)

  5. I'm hoping everything starts going better for you Laura loo!

  6. I've been sick too. Basically off and on since the beginning of January. Ugh. Hope February is better for both of us!


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