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31 January 2009

Four MORE books..

Okay, today I received more books today. So if you can answer this question (and be the first one to do it!) you'll get Prada and Prejudice. When Elizabeth visits Pemberley, she's with her aunt and uncle. What is their name (last name please) Okay, go ahead. First one to answer correctly gets the book.


  1. Ok so tell me if you consider this cheating... I had to look it up since I haven't read the book (and probably wouldn't remember) According to my research their last name is Gardiner. Hope that's right! :)

  2. Oh and I totally came here to see what books you got, what did you get!

  3. Damn I was going to say Gardiner as well lol

  4. I recieved:

    You are so Undead to me, ARC, Stacey Jay

    Lipstick Apology, ARC, Jennifer Jaberley

    Beautiful Americans, ARC, Lucy Silag

    Prada and Prejudice, ARC, Mandy Hubbard.

    Alea, e-mail me your home addy!

  5. I just saw your erased post in my feed about commenting, I think I remember about a day or so ago not seeing a link to comment. But it seems fixed now!

  6. Oh man!!!! I had You Are So Undead to Me in my hands yesterday but was already buying more than I could carry! And Lipstick Apology!!! Jealous!

    And yay yay I'm so excited, I just emailed you! Thank you!

  7. Laura: You got some really great stuff, as always!

    I hope you like Lipstick Apology. I have requested a copy, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get one!

  8. I just got You are so Undead to me,too. I was to read the other three. You always get great stuff.

  9. OMG I really don't know! Ergh but I am DYING DYING DYING to read P & P. But Mandy is all out of ARCS ): ):

  10. Okay, wait, did you get ANOTHER copy? You iz in Prada & Prejudice heaven over there. I wonder if this means the original list I sent over is now being filled. *CROSSES FINGERS*.

  11. Yeah, I got a second copy of P&P. I was wondering how I got a second copy. I wasn't really expecting it! But I wasn't going to complain!


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