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29 January 2009

Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter, R. J. Anderson

Faery Rebels tells the story of Bryony aka Knife. She is faery who lives in the Oakenwyld. In her world, the faeries have lost their magic and are not allowed out of their home, a big Oak tree. Knife has always wanted to know what was out there and how they lost their magic. During a rebellious bout, Knife goes outside and is spied upon by a human. Fast forward a few years, and Knife is know the hunter of the Queen Amaryllis and is one of the few able to leave the Oak. The human world has always fascinated Knife and her disobedience leads her to the house not far from the Oak. She goes in search of metal that she can use to protect her minions from a black crow that would eat the Faery in a heartbeat. The relationship between Knife and the human, Paul really pull this story together. Knife finds humanity and Paul finds a friendship unlike anything that he could ever imagine. The world that R.J. creates is brilliantly realized and fully realized. She creates a faery world that once was and hopefully can be with the help of Knife and the human. This book entranced me, enthralled me and was perfectly written. I want to know more of the Oakenwyld and more of Paul and how he deals with an issue that I will not mention here. One thing that I really enjoyed was the relationship between Bryony/Knife and her 'foster' mother, Wink. When a Faery passes on, she leaves an egg daughter (all the faery are female) and the Queen is the one who appoints mothers to the newly-born faery. When the Queen assigns a task to Knife merely to keep her away from the human, Wink is right there to help her in anyway possible. Always remembering how much she loved taking care of Bryony. This book gets a deserved 5 bookmarks and I look forward to more books in the series!


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