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01 December 2008

Review of Say the Word

Will be up by Sunday, December 7 and I will be interviewing Jeannine Garsee as well. The lineup of reviews will be as follows Say the Word, Jeannine Garsee Photobucket Taken By Storm, Angela Morrison A Match Made in High School, Kristin Walker Plus, Veronica Chambers Heartbreak River, Tricia Mills Beautiful Americans, Lucy Silag Prophecy of the Sisters, Michelle Zink Far From You, Lisa Schroeder Need, Carrie Jones Whew, I hope to get more books soon!


  1. Love it! Can't wait to read your reviews, I'm also super jealous! :)

  2. Yahoo! Way to go, Laura. Looks super!

  3. I envy the books you have in that list. Can't wait to read the reviews and interviews!

  4. Can't wait to see what you think of those books.

  5. Good luck with the review blogging.
    And good luck to others in being #15. -t.m.

  6. Have fun. B sent me.

  7. Good luck w/ the reviews and interviews. You have a great lineup there! Can't wait to read them.


  8. Hi Laura
    Nice blog baby!
    Am I number 15? ;)

  9. Look good!

    Maggie :D

  10. It sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun, Laura! I'll make sure to check back to read the reviews!


  11. I'm looking forward to your reviews--What a line-up!

    Shameless plug: I'm buying picture books for Safe Haven for Newborns, and that gift certificate would sure come in handy... :)

    Melodye (aka Newport2newport on LiveJournal)

  12. Great blog! I look forward to reading your reviews & interviews!

  13. Oh wow, looks like a great review lineup!

  14. Do you have any sci-fi ish YA lit reviews planned? Those tend to be my favorites.

    But I can't wait to hear about the rest, either. I'm a bit YA fan.

  15. I <3 Laura and want to be #15!!!!

    Michelle Zink

  16. If I get any sci-fi ish YA books, I will totally review them. But I haven't seen any out there yet.

  17. Nice site! B sent me over...

    Good luck with everything!

    Lisa :)

  18. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALISON DELLENBAUGH FOR BEING THE 15TH PERSON TO COMMENT! it only took about 18 hours and tons of pimping on my behalf! :)

    Thank you to all who've posted, please continue to post once the review is up!

  19. Hey, Melodye... Will you accept donations of great condition used books for Safe Haven? Either way, post what you need and maybe I can send you a couple of things...

    Michelle Zink

    PS. Not sure why this won't accept my LJ username...

  20. Well shoot. There were still only 11 comments when I left to pick my son up from school and I come back and now there's over 20.

    Oh well. I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews. You've got some great books lined up so far.

  21. Michelle, that is a great idea! anyone has any good condition picture books let me know and we can ask Melodye!

    I have to check what I have, I think Lily ATE all of her picture books! :)

    I don't know why it's not using LJ name... stupid blogger! :)

  22. I had some children's books, but my dog chewed them!

    I'm happy to see so many people over here Laura! Congrats to you and the winner! :D

  23. You've got some awesome books in the lineup!

  24. I'm beside myself with gratitude for your generosity, Michelle and Laura. I know for certain that your book donations will find their way to very appreciative homes.

  25. I'm so happy we can help, Melody. I'm going to round up all the great books I was going to donate to the library and send them your way instead.

    Best of luck with Safe Haven.



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